1. Our normal operating hours are Mon-Fri 7AM – 4:30PM and Saturday 7AM-Noon


Computer Recycling

eGreen Recycling will collect your old computer and save you money by minimizing your waste disposal costs. When you recycle your computer you can help to make our planet a greener place. Computers are harmful to the soil and water supply if they are left in a landfill, so help us make our planet a cleaner place by using our easy drop off or pickup services. Learn more about our computer recycling services »

Electronics Recycling

Being RIOS certified means that we are in compliance with environmental law. Many household appliances and electronics are thrown away needlessly. Oftentimes people aren’t aware of what is recyclable and they are surprised to find out that even their batteries and blenders can be recycled. Learn more about our electronics recycling services »

Hard Drive Destruction

We safely and securely destroy your hard drive during the recycling process. We understand the information on your computer can be sensitive and as a result we take the time to remove all of your information. From wiping to shredding, your information will never be in jeopardy. Learn more about our hard drive recycling and destruction services »

E-Waste Recycling Events

eGreen Recycling makes the effort to come to your township on regularly scheduled Saturdays throughout the year. This one-stop drop off makes it easy and painless to recycle your old computers and electronics. Our conveniently located drop off points take the hassle out of the entire process. Learn more about our e-waste recycling events »