What Is E-Waste?

What Is E-Waste?

E-Waste or Electronic Waste refers to any electronic device that has been discarded because it is obsolete, broken, or no longer useful. E-Waste often contains traces of hazardous material that prevents them from being disposed of by normal means. Proper precautions must be taken in order to process these products. Disposal of hazardous materials derived from the E-Waste must be removed from electronic devices. Some parts of the E-Waste can be reused, while others are recycled.

Not sure what is E-Waste? Here are some examples:

ComputersLaptop Peripherals
Telephones and Cell PhonesPrinters
Flat Screen TelevisionsInk Cartridges
CRT TelevisionsPhotocopiers
Video Game ConsolesToner Cartridges
Audio/Video ReceiversData Storage Devices
Blue-Ray/DVD/VCR PlayersShredders
TabletsNetwork Hardware
E-ReadersOffice Fax Machines
MP3 PlayersOffice Scanners
PDA’sOffice Shredders
Computer MonitorsVideo Conferencing Equipment
Computer PeripheralsServer and Data Storage Devices
Computer UPS BatteriesMainframes
Digital CamerasMedical Equipment

We also accept universal waste, like wires, fluorescent light bulbs and more.

You most likely have E-Waste sitting around in your garage or basement. Dispose of your E-Waste responsibly.