Computer Recycling

In the age of rapidly expanding technological capabilities, most people jump at the chance to upgrade their electronic devices when given the chance. But what most of us don’t think about is what happens to our old electronics and computers. Where do they go and why should we care?

At e-Green Recycling Management it’s our job to care. Here is why it matters:

  1. Toxicity of your electronics: Computers contain both cadmium and mercury which can poison the soil, water (both for drinking and environmentally) and impair the nervous system if ingested.
  2. Mining prevention: When you throw out an old computer, you are not only throwing out a computer that could be donated to those less fortunate, but you are also throwing away gold, lead, iron, aluminum, silicon and plastic. So by recycling your computer, you can help to prevent unnecessary mining for these exact precious metals.
  3. Landfills: Landfills are a necessary evil that we as humans have had to come to grips with, but that doesn’t mean we have to lean into it. In 2007, over 157 million computers were placed in landfills and a majority of them could have been recycled! Be a part of the solution and recycle your old computers instead of adding to the ever-expanding landfill.

At e-Green Recycling Management we make it easy to recycle your computer by accepting every component part of your computer. That’s right, this includes your monitor, hard drive, keyboard, etc. And you need not worry about any sensitive material your computer stores as we make sure to shred your hard drive.

Your computer has a world of possibilities in terms of what it can be recycled into; for example the plastic can be shredded and sold back to an injection molder and made into a television, a non-electronic product, or a new computer! As for the shell itself, all the boards and the hard drive are made of steel, thus it has the capability to be shipped to a steel mill and repurposed.

For those of you who are planning for your business and are in need of recycling multiple computers, we offer special pick-up services. Schools, municipalities, businesses, we’ll come to you and stage, package, remove and give you a complete audit of all your soon-to-be recycled computers. The audit, which is an asset capture audit, reports and shows our clients that we have shredded all of your sensitive information on your devices.

If you live in any of the five boroughs, Long Island or Northern Jersey pickup services are available for bulk equipment. We have conveniently located drop off points for apartments and residential areas as well as container bins for specific towns.