Computer Recycling

Growing rates of computers and equipment becoming obsolete and retired early is causing landfills to grow exponentially. Computers can contain materials that are extremely harmful to soil and water when they are left to rot in a landfill.  A computer monitor could contain up to 8 pounds of lead.

By recycling your computer, you can help to make our environment and planet a greener place. Our easy drop off or pickup services make recycling your computer a cinch. Choose E-Green Recycling to remove your waste and save you money by minimizing your garbage pickup

Electronics Recycling

RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standards®) certified means that we are in compliance with the recycling industry’s standard for quality, environmental and health & safety (QEH&S). The rapid progress of technological advancements in electronics has caused society to replace their electronics more frequently than ever. Landfills are filling up needlessly with electronics that should have been recycled.

You may be surprised by the wide array products that are recyclable. Many household appliances and electronics that were previously non-recyclable are now items we can recycle. E-Green Recycling Management makes recycling your old electronics and appliances accessible and simple. Click here to see the products E-Green Recycling accepts.

Hard Drive Wiping & Destruction

It’s not enough to just recycle computers. Hard drives may contain protected information and data that must be properly destroyed. The common consumer may have stored personal and financial information that needs to be disposed of properly.

We understand data on your hard drive is sensitive and as a result we take every precaution to protect it during the recycling process. From wiping to shredding, your information will never be in jeopardy. E-Green even has a portable solution that allows us to destroy your hard drive at your location. We also offer live GPS truck routes, data destruction, and video recording services to assure you that your hard drives are handled properly. Click here to see more of the process and our method.

E-Waste Recycling Events

Community awareness and outreach is our passion. E-Green makes the effort to come to your township on regularly scheduled times throughout the year.  Join your neighbors and make a difference in your community by recycling your e-waste. Click here for E-Green Recycling’s events to find a location near you.